Friday, 16 September 2011

What do you get a Troll for his Birthday?

Something he’ll never use is a good start. Something he hates is good too.

Better yet though, how about getting him something that is already his, and that he thought he lost. trololololololol

So the other day was my friend Karl’s birthday jam, and the day before him and Kevin were fooling around, and his iPod fell out of his pocket outside. Me, being the jackass I am, decided to pick it up, put it in my pocket, and act like nothing happened.

You might have to be a little more devious in order to secretly steal something off your friend, but the trick is to steal something valuable so they’ll be pissed (picture below). Take it a step further by stealing it a few days earlier. 

Make sure you do a decent wrapping job on this bad boy. Or wrap it up so that it doesn’t look like it could be the stolen item.

I decided to go with some troll paper, but take your pick.

Make sure to add some personal touches to piss them off a bit more.

Wrap it again, and there you go. If you want  to take it even further, instead of simply giving them back their item, replace it with something shittier. Say a 1st generation iPod nano instead of the new shuffle….just make sure to give it back eventually…

Happy trolling!
, marm.

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