Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Step 3: Cover Letters

Hokay, now that you know where you’re applying, you know where to address your cover letters to. Now, cover letters are optional, in some fields they aren’t all that important, but personally I think it’s much better to have one than not to, especially if you decided not to include an objective in your resume.

Personally I think that cover letters are a pain in the culo to write (Italian much?), but they can be pretty important to have done. So, I tried to give you a bit of a template to follow…


Your Contact Information
Name, Address, Email, Phone
Copy this from your resume

Today’s Date (or when you’ll be applying)

Addressee’s Name (simply skip if you don’t know)
Addressee’s Title or Position (skip if you don’t know)
Company Name
Street Address
City, Province/State, Postal/Zip Code

Dear Potential Employer/Dear Sir or Madam,

Address why you are writing, the position that you’re interested in, how you heard of the opening, any references, and briefly why you want to be part of the company.

Now your body information. You may write this in point form or paragraph form. Pick a few of your qualifications that you would like to discuss. Quickly outline them and why they make you a valuable part of the company.

Now wrap it up. Thank them for their time, and assure them that they can contact you at any time. Include any other important information that has not been said.

Sincerely/Best regards/Your truly/etc.

[Sign here]

Your Full Name


Okay hopefully that wasn’t too bad. And again, don’t forget to review this puppy like crazy! ;)


  1. Cover letters are only needed for salary jobs in my opinion. Retail/minimum wage/bullshit jobs would be a waste of time considering the lowest life form can work them.... no offence to anybody working these jobs (even i do)

  2. They can be a waste of time...but since they're only less than a page long, they shouldn't take too long anyways. Plus, something that I did was create a template, then I left blanks for where the store name would go :) Made the whole process a lot easier